Marvel Heroes Omega Beta Impressions

It's About Time

For those who don’t know, Marvel Heroes is a cross between a loot ARPG in the vein of Diablo paired with an MMO set in the Marvel comic universe. The original iteration released on the PC in 2013 to a relatively lukewarm response. After a year of learning and listening from the community, developer Gazillion rebranded the game as Marvel Heroes 2015 with major improvements and has improved ever since.

Compared to many players, my 46 hours dumped into the PC version is a drop in the bucket. However, as historically a console gamer, I’ve been hoping for this to happen since originally playing the game and, so far so good.

The most fun part of the game is playing as your favorite Marvel hero and there are currently 37 of them available in the beta ranging from Iron and Hulk to lesser known characters like Magik and Squirrel Girl (DareDevil will be released at open beta making the count 38). Yes this is not the close to 60 characters available on PC, but they will be released over time. Limiting the characters at launch allows the game to have fewer variables and as solid of a release as possible. Each character has at least one alternate costume to purchase if you want to change things up.

Each hero also has a multitude of skills with eight being active at any given time. Four of these can be activated with the face buttons while the additional four can be utilized by holding down L2 and pressing the face buttons. It’s a similar control method to DC Universe on consoles while have the fluidity of the Diablo 3 release for PS4. It feels great and like a natural fit on a gamepad.

However, this is still a beta and there are some things that Gazillion can definitely improve. Menus can be a little sensitive especially the radial wheel to change equipment. The frame rate can also be a big issue. There is a little bit of lag opening up menus, but the most egregious example is when you level up, especially if you are playing in the Midtown Patrol map which constantly spawns waves of bosses to take down. When you level up, the game completely stops for close to a second which can hopefully be fixed before launch. For reference I am playing on a PS4 Pro.

While those issues definitely need to be ironed out before the game’s official release, I have had a blast playing the game on PS4. I quickly found myself falling back into the groove with Marvel Heroes and am incredibly excited about the future for this game. Below are a quick few facts about the beta and how to get into it:

  • The game is currently in closed beta only on PS4. To get in you need to buy a Founder’s Pack from the PS Store ranging from $17 if you are a PS Plus Member up to $60.
  • Marvel Heroes Omega will be coming to Xbox One at some point in the near future.
  • The closed beta will end on 5/16. It has not been announced when open beta will begin.
  • Progression will be wiped at the end of the closed beta (any purchases made with ‘G’, the paid currency will stay with you).
  • You can play any hero for free up to level 10.

If you have any other questions, leave a comment below!