PSA: Disney Has “Ended our relationship with Gazillion Entertainment”, Marvel Heroes Shutting Down

Ross isn't going to like this....

As reported by the likes of Kotaku and Gamespot, Disney has ended its relationship with Marvel Heroes developer Gazillion Entertainment. As a result, Gazillion will no longer have rights to the Marvel license required to actually continue a Marvel game. Wile this will surely be a blow to PC players who have been playing the game since 2013, this is an especially major blow to players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 who bought into the game’s beta earlier this year when the game was ported. There is no word yet on when the actual shutdown of servers will actually take place.

According to the Kotaku article, Gazillion had missed four weekly community updates as well as the previously announced Thor Ragnarok tie-in content, as well as a major Halloween event. Given that the game was popular enough to be ported to consoles it’s curious as to why Disney would want to end the relationship unless things weren’t as hunky-dory as they seem. This is more than likely a result of Disney/Marvel’s recent deals with Sony and Square Enix to develop games with major Marvel characters. We wish the best for Gazillion and will be sad to see Marvel Heroes go.