Day 3 With Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle

More Promising Than It Should Be

This is a game that I wanted to pick up awhile ago but didn’t have time with the slew of quality releases that have come out this year. With the current sale through December 4th, the game is $41.99 or $59.99 for the game plus expansion pass both on the eShop. A lot has been said about it already, and it’s true about it being simplified XCOM with Mario and Rabbids characters. However, it does have more depth than I thought it would originally. Each character has a different focus with skill trees that cater to them. Rabbid Mario, for example, leaves a small explosion when he dashes into enemies resulting in some light area-of-effect damage. His primary weapon is also a short-range shotgun is incredibly powerful. To mitigate the damage he receives from having to get in close, he also has some damage reduction skills that he can activate.

Each character I have unlocked so far has been different enough to where I have my preferences and go-to team. Unless I’m going into a boss battle and need healing from Rabbid Peach, my team is usually Mario, Luigi and Rabbid Mario. For me, it’s a great mix of medium, long and short range attacks, respectively. But other people might prefer the copious amounts of elemental damage that Rabbid Luigi can deal out (with the tradeoff being a lower base damage). I still have a few more characters to unlock but all in all, I’m having a great time with the game. Enemy variety is already decent as early as I am, and unlocking new weapons and upgrading each of my characters’ skills is enough of a carrot on a stick to keep me going for the foreseeable future.