PSA: Sony is Sending Out Awesome Recap Emails for 2017

Your year in review, straight from the source

I just opened my email and found something from PlayStation, “Check out your 2017 Year in Review with PlayStation.” The email had some detailed stats on the games I played in 2017, how long I played (759 hours doesn’t seem as long as it is until it is spelled out for you), and a lot of other pretty cool stats. Plus, you can follow a link in the email to get even more detailed stats letting you know how you compare to other PlayStation owners. I thought it was super cool. I’m not sure how Sony is rolling this out, but definitely, keep an eye out for your recap. You can check out mine below (this was the only format I could capture it in). Feel free to share how you stack up to other PlayStation owners and if you have some interesting stats of your own.