Let’s Talk About the Weapons of Armed and Dangerous

The Hidden Gem of Hidden Gems

When one thinks of crazy and outlandish weapons in a game, there are several franchises that quickly come to mind. Ratchet and Clank first and foremost springs to the top for myself: the Groovitron, the Pixelizer, the Sheepinator, etc. Saint’s Row 4 had the Dubstep Gun to wub-wub your opponents into submission. But a game that is a hidden gem and sports some of the craziest weapons in gaming is the original Xbox title, Armed and Dangerous.

Graphically, this is one of the ugliest games ever made. Some of the art direction is entertaining, but . . . wow. What this game does have is a lot of humor and some seriously crazy weapons, specifically the triumvirate of the Land Shark Gun, the Topsy-Turvy Bomb and the World’s Smallest Black Hole. Don’t get me wrong, I never said these were the most useful but every time I managed to find ammo for them, I would get an ear to ear smile.

Source: Jaz Plaz (YouTube)

Let’s dive into each one in some detail. The World’s Smallest Black Hole is not as effective as you would might like in terms of its area of effect, but a pro strategy is to run around the level and get as many people to follow you as possible. Drop the hole and watch all of your troubles go away screaming while your character, Rowan, and his compatriots are nonplussed by it. This is screaming to be brought back in a big way for the modern day.

Source: Top100IGN (YouTube)

The Topsy-Turvy Bomb is a close second for my favorite weapon in the game and makes no sense. When you activate it, Rowan takes out a giant corkscrew, plunges it into the ground and turns it. The entire game world proceeds to flip upside down having the enemies fall down into the sky while you hold onto that corkscrew for dear life. Eventually everything returns to normal and it will be raining men from the sky. It’s so out of left field that it never gets old.

Source: Raging Amish

But the reason why this game hasn’t entirely faded into the ether of gaming history is because of the Land Shark Gun. Saint’s Row: The Third had it, but it was not the first. When Rowan fires this gun, a shark embryo shoots out and buries itself in the ground rapidly growing to full size while simultaneously swimming through the ground toward its target. Once it reaches the unfortunate soul, it’s fin disappears as the enemy looks at the ground beneath their feet only to be swallowed up shortly after as the shark shoots out of the ground. The ammo for this gun is limited and it is only good for a single target, but if you’re playing Armed and Dangerous, you’re playing with that infinite ammo cheat so there are sharks, corkscrews and black holes everywhere. The game is still worth checking out for the weapons and the humor. It’s $6 on Steam so go buy it. It is probably the funniest game that I have ever played.