Overwatch League: Stage Three, Week Two

A Bad Start To A Good Week

After a terrible scandal to kick off the week, the matches were one thing that did not disappoint. There were plenty of 3-2 results coupled with one of, if not the biggest upset in the league thus far this season. There was no recap article last week so no predictions. However, I do have them for next week below.





While the Dallas versus Seoul match was the highlight of the first week of the season, both teams have ended up in very different places than were originally expected. Seoul has been inconsistent, missing out of the playoffs for stage one and two. Dallas has been a maelstrom of suspensions, bans and a general lack of chemistry resulting in the firing of head coach Kyky and release of Rascal earlier this week. With all of that being said, this was an amazing match. It was the definition of a back and forth match with each team trading off maps until Dallas ran out of fuel (I’m sorry) on Oasis for Seoul to clinch it.

It is easy to see how much the new main tank for Dallas OGE has helped them. In his first couple of matches, he just makes plays. Aggressive Primal Rages and diving in at the right time will help the Fuel immensely moving forward. But the standout for Seoul was Munchkin on Tracer. His battle with Effect was so much fun to watch, even more so than Fleta popping off once again. With Bunny being sent to the Valiant, Munchkin has flourished not having to split time.

MVP: Munchkin






After the DreamKazper scandal occurred and he was cut from the team no one gave Boston a chance against the number one team in the league, the New York Excelsior, including myself . . . as well as Kazper’s replacement, Mistakes. But a scrappy match ended with Boston getting the win 3-2 which was much needed. I can’t imagine what it has been like in the locker room this week with the morale of these guys, but they came together and showed that this team can remain top-tier with little to no drop off from losing their star DPS.

Mistakes played very well for most of the match. I saw someone on Twitter refer to DreamKazper as more like Fleta (someone who can pop off and make flashy game-changing plays) and Mistakes as more like Libero (someone who is not flashy but gets the job done). However, it truly was a team effort as the rest of the starting lineup played out of their minds. I used to think “the core of this team is DreamKazper and Striker” and eventually I added Gamsu into that mix. However, now I truly feel like the entire starting lineup is critical to their success. While Saebyeolbe didn’t play as much Tracer as usual, Striker outplayed him when he did. Gamsu is generally considered top five main tanks in the league (potentially top three), NotE is by far the biggest surprise as one of the best D.Va players out there both offensively and defensively, Neko is an underrated Zenyatta and was a killer tonight and Kellex is the engine that keeps the squad going. And while he didn’t play as good of a match overall as his teammates, Mistakes gets my MVP. With the timing of the DK scandal, he basically had three days to practice and get up to speed to take on the best team in the league and showed a fairly wide hero pool while doing it.

MVP: Mistakes





I feel like we’ve asked it many times, but what is wrong with the Seoul Dynasty? While this was a close match, there still seemed to be coordination issues between the two supports in Ryujehong and Gambler. Why Tobi has fallen out of grace with the team, I don’t know, but adding in a new starter when Seoul’s biggest issue is inconsistency seems like a questionable call. Although credit where credit is due, Gambler’s Mercy is quite good with his resurrections being on point.

But the Gladiators are continuing to dig themselves out of the hole they dug in stage one toward an end of the season playoff spot. However, if they keep improving, they could make it there. Keep in mind that Asher was out of the lineup all day putting Surefour on Tracer duties. And while his Tracer isn’t nearly on the same level as other players in the league, he held his own against Munchkin making me think that if Asher was there, this may not have gone to five maps. However, my MVP goes to Hydration. His Junkrat was an absolute terror for the Dynasty from start to finish constantly getting picks to open team fights.  

MVP: Hydration





What a way to kick off the final day of competition for week two. If it wasn’t already, this is officially a rivalry. After going up 2-0, the Fusion almost gave up a reverse sweep to the Spitfire only to close it out on Oasis. Honestly, London confuses me. Do they sub players in and out too much? What is wrong with Birdring? I’m not sure, but they have gotten off to a very inconsistent start to stage three. Profit looks great but, other than him, the team seems lost.

Philadelphia on the other hand looks fantastic. Eqo is back from suspension and performed well when he was in, but the go-to DPS duo for the Fusion seems to be Carpe and Snillo. Carpe is in the running for league MVP with his brilliant and consistent play whether it is on Widow, Sombra or Tracer. Snillo has injected life into the squad since turning 18 with some of the best Tracer play in the league from a statistical standpoint. However, my MVP goes to my favorite Finn, Fragi. Early in the season, he was known for diving in and dying immediately while being able to create some space for his team to push in. However, while he’s still diving in every chance he gets, he has the support to keep him alive. His Winston play is so incredibly disruptive for other teams to deal with, and is fun to watch.

MVP: Fragi


After what happened earlier in the week, I felt like some of that fire I had for watching OWL had vanished. However, witnessing the sheer quality of play this week pulled me right back in.

  • Day 1: Gladiators over Valiant, San Francisco over Dallas, Seoul over Shanghai
  • Day 2: Florida over Houston, Boston over London, New York over Philadelphia
  • Day 3: Philadelphia over San Francisco, Florida over Shanghai, Seoul over Boston
  • Day 4: Valiant over London, New York over Gladiators, Houston over Dallas