The Final Say: Far Cry 5

Cult of Personality

It would be easy to point at Far Cry 5’s flaws and say it was a disappointment. It fails to hit some of its important story beats and struggles to find an elegant way of keeping players engaged in that story without taking away their freedom. These kinds of flaws are frustrating and can easily be pointed to as the game’s greatest flaws. But at the same time, we have this gorgeous environment full of fun things to do and plenty of people to mow down with a good if small selection of weapons. At its core, this is a very true to form Far Cry game, and in many regards, it could be considered the best entry since the series revamp with Far Cry 3. It’s also worth noting that Far Cry 5 is extremely well optimized and will look fantastic and perform well wherever you choose to play.

The real stars of the show are the Seed siblings, each with their own quirks and troubled backgrounds. With few exceptions, they are likable villains that will at times challenge your expectations of them. Your character’s supporting cast is mostly forgettable and your companions will quickly wear out their welcome with some questionable A.I. decisions. The story, while not as grand as it seems like it wants to be, is actually quite good if you dedicate yourself to it. The game will require you to complete these missions regardless of what you’re doing at certain points which is a major pain in the ass but is easily rectified by committing yourself to it and returning to tie up loose ends after completing the 8-10 hours of dedicated story content. Far Cry 5 is above all else fun, the most important thing a game can be and is worth diving into despite its failings.