The Final Say: Curse of Osiris (Destiny 2 DLC)

Well, this is certainly more Destiny 2.

Destiny 2’s first major post-release content is a bit of a mixed bag that I think is mostly good, good enough that I’d recommend buying it if you’re looking for a reason to get back into the game. The new explorable zone is fine with some interesting design if a little one-note. The Infinite Forest never feels as good as it sounds and gets familiar fast, but it features some truly gorgeous vistas and vibrant environments. Destiny 2 is already a pretty game, but these scenes take it to the next level. The big highlight is the new public event which is arguably the game’s best, but it appears too infrequently for how good it is.

The story of Osiris trying to stop the Vex from using the Infinite Forest to figure out how to wipe out all life never quite hits the mark. Osiris’ ghost is charming enough, but Osiris is fairly bland and never appears as interesting as the lore would have you believe. While some of that is clearly intended as much of the content seems to be setting the story straight on Osiris, it devalues what should be a pretty big deal character. The mission structure is repetitive but the story content does end with a pretty satisfying boss fight that feels shockingly brief when compared to the overall sponginess of the game’s other bosses. Curse of Osiris will do enough to keep you satisfied while you play its content but never does enough to feel like a long-term draw, so if you need more Destiny 2 right now, Curse of Osiris has you covered.