The Final Say: Warmind (Destiny 2 DLC)

Something worth fighting for.

Much like Curse of Osiris, Warmind is a bit of a mixed bag, but for different reasons. The Mars zone, despite being larger and more full of stuff do to, lacks the creative public event that was a point of praise on Mercury. Here we’re treated to some mainstays like the Witches’ Ritual and the Injection Rig and the new downed warsat event which has you fighting off waves to protect a downed warsat (as if you couldn’t guess that was coming). Of all the explorable zones, Mars feels the most regularly populated with enemies and the number of enemies in major encounters feels a lot higher than the other areas of the game. This could be a result of the different development team for the DLC (Vicarious Visions) but it’s a nice change of pace. The new Escalation Protocol, yet another defend this locations type objective, is a player activated public event that requires a decent number of high power Guardians to complete. I haven’t made much progress here yet, but I’m getting close (maybe more on this in another post).

The story of Warmind is a letdown considering the promising start. You’re working with Ana Bray, a Guardian who breaks status quo and is digging into her past, what she was before she became a Guardian. While taboo, she believes she can serve a greater purpose with her newfound knowledge and believes she can effectively utilize Rasputin, the frequently mentioned warmind of the original Destiny. The individual missions are fun enough to play but the story is passable at best until its final climactic moments which involves a pretty awesome moment with Rasputin. The most important thing Warmind does is add long-term objectives. I’m currently in the second week of a five-week milestone that should result in some pretty high-powered gear, and the promise of eventually getting something from Escalation Protocol will keep me coming back for the next few weeks at the minimum. This is the content you’ve been waiting for if you want Destiny 2 to be a destination again and is well worth the purchase for its long-term implications despite its short-term stumblings.