The Final Say: God of War (2018)

The Best Of The Best

God of War is a special game in many ways. Gameplay, weapon and armor customization, characters, story and visuals do not often blend this well together but Santa Monica Studios did just that spending five years on this magnum opus. After the most recent edition in the franchise, God of War: Ascension, was released in 2013, it seemed like everyone’s favorite angry ash-man may be done with middling sales and review scores. But with director Cory Barlog back at the helm, (director of God of War 2) the new God of War may not just be the best game of 2018 but of the generation.

Let me start by saying that this is a standalone story that anyone can dive into regardless of experience with the franchise. It certainly has callbacks to older games, but these are only additive to long-time fans and not detrimental to those who are not. This newest edition has a completely revamped combat system that is more methodical, a story that actually has some pathos and interesting side content in a semi-open world that is not only fun to hunt down but provide nice rewards. The characters are also fantastic with Kratos’ child, Atreus, being a well-written child character which is rare. It’s difficult to talk about this game without passionately going into all of the details so I’ll just say this: God of War is a system seller. It’s that good and, even if you didn’t like previous games in the franchise, I wholly recommend to give Kratos’ newest journey a try.