The Final Say: Subsurface Circular

A Satisfying Train Ride

Subsurface Circular is a one-and-a-half to two hour adventure revolving entirely around dialogue choices as a robot detective. It is well-written, intriguing and surprisingly deep. The game delves into concepts such as the importance of purpose, agency and discrimination through the lens of a human and robot (or Tek) futuristic society that is worth checking out.

The entirety of the game takes place on a train car as Teks walk in and out that you can speak with to try and uncover why some have been disappearing. It is a great hook to get you engaged and the dialogue will keep you going through to the credits. The main aspect of the game play is obtaining Focus Points which consist of important information that can be asked to other Teks to glean more information about whatever you are working toward. Since this game is entirely narrative-focused, I’ll leave it here but if you like good stories, six dollars is an absolute steal for this one.