The Final Say: Battle Chasers: Nightwar

Turn-Based RPG At Its Finest

Battle Chasers: Nightwar is an homage to the heyday of turn-based JRPGs from some of the head talent behind Darksiders and Darksiders 2. Tonally, this is almost the opposite with beautiful and lush fantasy visuals that at times are both standard but distinct due to Joe Madureira’s art (the creator of the Battle Chasers comic from the late 1990s). The world is one that I wanted more of and to keep diving into after the credits which will take you anywhere from 25-35 hours depending on how much of the side content is completed of which there is a fair amount.

Gameplay consists of moving around the world map, turn-based battles and dungeon-crawling. The world map is made up of different set paths you can walk down interacting with enemies, picking up resources or entering dungeons. The twist on the combat is the Overcharge system where, performing basic actions builds up overcharge which is basically temporary mana. For example, let’s say Gully has 110 mana and performs a basic attack that will build up 10 overcharge. Using her Quakefist abillity after would only reduce your mana to 105 instead of 95 because of that charge. I liked the system quite a bit and found all of the characters’ basic actions useful enough to not feel like a chore to build up. Lastly the dungeon segments are the least interesting part of the game. Your movement speed is too slow and they are a series of connected square rooms. However, if you are craving for a beautiful, turn-based JRPG, this is a great one.