The Final Say: Marvel’s Spider-Man

One Of The Most Superior Games Of The Year

When Sony Santa Monica released God of War this year, I thought that it was a lock for my game of the year, but then comes Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Studios and it is putting up a hell of a fight. This game is the first in years where I have marathoned the game which was between 12-15 hours on Saturday and then again on Sunday. The game is beautiful, the central characters are well-developed and I only ever fast-traveled enough times to get the trophy which should tell you how good the traversal is.

People are coming into this game wondering about a few things in particular. Is this an origin story? No, Peter Parker has been suiting up for eight years at this point. Do you play as other characters? Yes in some non-offensive and brief stealth missions. Does the swinging feel good? It is incredible coupled with other traversal mechanics such as wall running, perching and boosting and zipping. Is the combat just like the Arkham games? It definitely draws inspiration but the much more kinetic nature of Spider-Man makes it feel better overall. How is the side content? I’m about 10% away from 100 percenting the game and clearing out an open world map has never been more satisfying to me. Lastly, there is a crazy amount of customization in the forms of three skill trees, over 20 costumes to unlock with suit specific abilities as well as mods to further tailor your Spidey. This is not only one of the best open-world games that I’ve played in some time, but flatout one of the most satisfying gaming experiences I’ve had in recent memory.