Meditations: January 20th 2019

This one is just delightful...

Meditations is a free collection of small games, a new one each day and for one day only, designed to take around 5 minutes to play. Over 350 developers will be making games for the service that focus on varying topics designed to make you think during and after playing them. You can download the launcher here and start playing today.

Today’s Meditation was a special treat because we got to play what appears to be a trial version of an actual game. What started with instructions that were surely hand drawn in MS Paint turned into a delightful little rhythm game where shaped approached the middle of the screen and properly times mouse clicks added color and sound. The final result had a vaguely kaleidoscope effect and the tune reminded me of PS1 era JRPGs. It was catchy and I listed to it right up to the point where the game kicked me out.

The developer mentions in their description that they were working on a game from an early 2017 Game-Jam with a few other developers they met. That tidbit of information, along with the words “Trial Version” in the bottom left corner leads me to believe that game is coming along nicely. I am actually very interested to see what this turns into as a fully released product. This was by far the best game to date from Meditations from a purely “fun to play” aspect and feels like one with potential.