Meditations: January 21st 2019


Meditations is a free collection of small games, a new one each day and for one day only, designed to take around 5 minutes to play. Over 350 developers will be making games for the service that focus on varying topics designed to make you think during and after playing them. You can download the launcher here and start playing today.

Today’s Meditation started with the developer stating that they never remember their mom’s birthday (something I have been struggling with in recent years and I don’t know why). From there we got a Snake-esque game that involved fitting our increasingly complex line of balls into patterns. It was a fairly simple but enjoyable game, continuing the recent trend of better than expected games.

It seems pretty clear that there is no message behind this one. As far as I can tell this is just a nice and quick puzzle game to get the ole brain going. I do enjoy a nice puzzle game from time to time and this one scratches that itch for the time being. Today was a simple game with a simple premise and I’m learning that these Meditations don’t need any more than that to be entertaining.