Meditations: January 22nd 2019

Gone In 60 Seconds...

Meditations is a free collection of small games, a new one each day and for one day only, designed to take around 5 minutes to play. Over 350 developers will be making games for the service that focus on varying topics designed to make you think during and after playing them. You can download the launcher here and start playing today.

Today’s Meditation tackles a drama that many out there will be all too familiar with. Getting the right classes at the right time in college/university can be a stressful endeavor, especially for today’s creator. For the final minute before selection opens up, they mentally brace themselves for the arduous task. Waiting for that moment can sometimes be the hardest part of any process, let alone one that could have a huge impact on your future.

The game was presented by a simple character model in a small room. You can walk around but cannot interact with objects. All the while the time is displayed in the center of the screen and grows larger with each passing second. The intensity of the moment grows as the time eventually dominates the screen before fading to black. The finale is a cute little dance sequence to celebrate the (I assume) successful completion of enrolling, a dance I’m sure many people do when they finally get this out of the way. I do wish there was a little more to do than walk around for a minute or simply do nothing but there is enough charm here to save the day.