Meditations: January 23rd 2019

The ocean will always take what it wants...

Meditations is a free collection of small games, a new one each day and for one day only, designed to take around 5 minutes to play. Over 350 developers will be making games for the service that focus on varying topics designed to make you think during and after playing them. You can download the launcher here and start playing today.

Today’s Meditation is a truly fear inducing one. We begin looking at a beautiful island with sunny skies and tranquil beaches, and then we get pulled out to sea. You see, today’s creator was pulled out to sea when he was 11, a terrifying prospect at any age, let alone at 11. The game then begins as Nick (or rather, his disembodied hands) struggles to keep himself above water, briefly dipping below the surface before returning and gasping for air. Alternating left and right click will eventually bring him back to safety and might make you think twice about your next trip to the beach.

This is another Meditation where I can unfortunately relate. I was probably around the same age when I was being a little shit around my friends and one of them, much bigger than me, decided to pull me underwater in the pool and sit on me. I was a scrawny little thing and couldn’t quite wriggle my way free for several seconds, but they felt like an eternity. You don’t want to be 11 and wonder, even for a second, if you’re going to die. When I got away I ran home crying to tell my mom. I wanted to be with my friends but I certainly didn’t want to drown. To say she was pissed would be the understatement of the year and she promised to look out for him to do it again and let me go back.

For context, we lived in an apartment complex with a community pool. There were no lifeguards on duty and there was a requirement that anyone under 14 had to be accompanied by someone older than 14. The kid sitting on me was 14 and was an asshole because he stole my copy of Fighting Force 2 when I let him borrow it. He denied ever having it, but my parents knew what really happened and already didn’t like him. For them, this would be the final straw to get me to stop hanging around him.

Being the little shit I was, I went back knowing I had backup and antagonized my would be assailant until he pulled me under again. This time he was really mad and did not let me get out. My plan almost completely backfired, but luckily one of the bigger kids grabbed my arm and pulled me up. I was gasping for air when I recognized my mom’s voice screaming at him. I had never seen her that mad at anyone that wasn’t me or my sister, mission accomplished I guess. He went home and I continued to enjoy the pool with the kid who in all likelihood saved my life, even though he probably only did it because he saw my mom. Nick probably wasn’t dumb, but I definitely was.