Meditations: January 24th 2019

My room is fine. Really...

Meditations is a free collection of small games, a new one each day and for one day only, designed to take around 5 minutes to play. Over 350 developers will be making games for the service that focus on varying topics designed to make you think during and after playing them. You can download the launcher here and start playing today.

Ugh, cleaning. Today’s Meditation is all about cleaning up after yourself, something simple enough to do once you achieve the proper motivation to do so. I’m sure many of us are similar in how we maintain our space, keep it clean until a night or two where clothes just end up on the floor because the bed beckons too hard or the pile of mail on the table that starts as an attempt at organization but ends up just being a dumping ground. The Meditation puts things into a clearer perspective, showing that something that feels like it would take forever to fix can be completed fairly quickly and the difference is astounding.

You’ll be greeted with a messy bedroom and need to strategically remove mess to bring the room back to a presentable status. It takes all of thirty seconds to finish but that’s when they hit you with the side-by-side comparison, the before and after. If I didn’t know any better I’d think they were two completely different rooms. That’s the point though, it took thirty-ish seconds to fix that room, it probably wouldn’t take much longer if we give our space the same level of motivated clean. So there you go, clean up your stuff or don’t make the mess to begin with. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to take care of some stuff…