The Final Say: Destiny 2: Black Armory

Growing pains...

I had thought about doing another, lengthier piece, but not much has changed since my original write up on Black Armory a few weeks ago. Black Armory is the first step in an experiment by Bungie to deliver more live content over the course of a season of Destiny. Rather than two location-based DLCs, the Annual Pass features three distinctly themed seasons with their own rewards and content set primarily in the existing environments. Black Armory focuses on a long lost weapon vendor famed for their legendary weapons. The initial discovery of the forges and some of the story behind them is intriguing but ultimately weighed down by lengthy and uninteresting quests required to progress and unlock new forges. Requiring players to kill specific enemies in specific locations to progress “story content,” leaves a lot to be desired and has likely turned off a lot of the more casual pass owners.

The Scourge of the Past raid is delightful and despite being brief it is action packed with mechanics that don’t simply boil down to out DPSing a timer. It is a shame the rest of the content is so boring. Black Armory offers some of Destiny 2’s best weapons and some top-notch exotics, but the gameplay loop of getting the frame, farming the frame, going back to talk to Ada to upgrade the frame, and finally running the forge isn’t all that enjoyable. Sure, I ran them over and over to get the rolls I need on the guns I like, but the majority of players don’t want to spend that much time running a brief co-op mode surrounded by busy work. Credit to Bungie for having matchmaking, but there are definitely better ways to execute forges. Black Armory and the Annual Pass are a tough sell for anyone not already heavily invested in the “Destiny Hobby,” concept held by Bungie. Hopefully, Season of the Drifter will offer a better-structured gameplay loop and Black Armory will be an added bonus for those who want to get more invested in Gambit.