The Final Say: Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

No Heroes To See Here...

The No More Heroes franchise was one that took most people by surprise when the first two games released for the Wii to critical acclaim. Jump forward almost a decade from the last game and we’ve arrived at a smaller, budget spinoff title, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. It takes a completely different approach to gameplay mostly through isometric hack and slash action. Famous creator of the original two games, as well as this one, Suda 51 said that if fans want a proper No More Heroes 3, they should buy this game. However, there’s only one problem: this game isn’t very good.

Early on, you get some of the NMH charm whether it’s the fourth-wall breaking, the saving on the toilet, etc. But that doesn’t carry through the game as you will not care about the story, especially with how it’s presented oftentimes in 10-15 minute text boxes in between major gameplay sections. Along with this, the gameplay is rudimentary at best and tedious at worst. There’s a light attack, a heavy attack, jump, dodge roll and four slots for equippable “chips” or abilities. These help to vary things up, but there’s a handful that are so much obviously better, there isn’t much of a choice. You can play the game in co-op which I didn’t test nor do I think would improve the game. This was my personal entry point into the franchise and, unless this game did better than I think it did, this is the end of the franchise.