The Final Say: Gunman Clive

A Brief But Fun Mega Man-esque Adventure...

Gunman Clive is a 2D action platformer akin to Mega Man with a pencil-drawn artstyle and a western theme. The story? Save the mayor’s daughter who was kidnapped by the bad guys. Being modeled after an older game franchise, you get a story of a similar caliber which is perfectly acceptable for this genre. It’s a very short game and took me maybe an hour to an hour and a half to finish all 20 stages. But there is some replayability to beat your times and use the other playable characters to progress through the stages.

The artstyle is the definite high point with the controls, while not much of an issue, do have a couple of hurdles to get over. For one the jumping can be a bit floaty which you will adjust to relatively quickly. There is also an imprecise nature regarding bouncy mushrooms you have to jump off of but, again, once you get the timing down it’s not bad. There are several types of guns in the game that will randomly drop from enemies ala Contra including a spread shot, explosive shot, homing shot and laser. As someone who is not generally a fan of this genre, I enjoyed my time with it. It won’t blow your mind but you’re getting not only the first game but the sequel as well for $3.99. If you need a diversion for a few minutes at a time, Gunman Clive is a good option.