The Final Say: Yoku’s Island Express

The Jolliest of Times...

Yoku’s Island Express is a game that I regret missing out on last year. The premise is that you play as Yoku, a dung beetle who rolls around a big ball and is the new postmaster of Mokumana Island. However, there are problems everywhere that could use the diligence and determination of his mail service! The game itself is a Metroidvania combined with pinball and it has absolutely no right to work as well as it does.

Exploring the beautiful island from the dark catacombs to the snowy peaks is addicting as you roll around and interact with flippers across the area. Generally, there are self-contained pinball boards that can act as paths to new areas that you will need to open up, but there is a lot of exploration consisting of you pushing your ball around. As this is a Metroidvania, you slowly unlock new abilities to return to previous areas that were inaccessible and, with the exception of the grappling hook-esque item, all of them fit perfectly and feel good to use. I’m going to have to write-up something else about this game because I absolutely fell in love with it and you might too.