HalfGen Book Club Episode 3: Halo: First Strike

Doesn't look like an "Uneven Elephant" to me...

Welcome to our third episode of the HalfGen Book Club Podcast. This time we thought we’d switch things up a little and instead of breaking down the book chapter by chapter we would focus more on what we really enjoyed about the book. While this is probably more in line with how real book clubs work, it’s not something we originally considered as we naturally treated it as a recap type scenario. We’re always learning and growing and we believe this is the perfect example as Ross and I are very proud of how this episode turned out.

Make sure to get a head start on next month’s book, Halo: Ghosts of Onyx. This will be the last Halo book for many months as we begin focusing on other universes to spice things up a little. At this point, we have the next four months worth of books planned, but the most important thing to worry about right now is reading Ghosts of Onyx before the podcast goes live on June 2nd.