The Final Say: Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

Time has done you no favors...

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Tales of Vesperia laid the groundwork for modern Tales games as we know them. For that reason alone, Vesperia is worthy of some level of praise. On the other hand, time has not exactly been kind to Vesperia, a game that was totally fine back in 2008, but feels clunky and half-baked in 2019. Vesperia’s story takes forever to go anywhere and its characters, while occasionally charming, lack any real substance or growth over time. Eventually they just flip a switch and get over whatever problem they have and it ultimately makes each of their arcs feel unfulfilling.

Combat is slow and deliberate, definitely an understandable step back from the likes of Berseria. Though everything takes place in real-time, actions feel more turn-based and easy to manipulate. The poor flow of battle can make combat feel like a chore to the point where I began to actively avoid it as much as possible. The biggest talking point surrounding this edition is certainly the voice acting in which multiple actors tackle the same character. It was initially jarring, but I adjusted quickly and I didn’t find it to be too big an issue until later in the game when actors would change back and forth in the same conversation. Eleven years later and with several new Tales games released, it is easy to look at Vesperia and give it the benefit of the doubt. I counter by saying, maybe it was never that good to begin with.